Q. How do I book for a photographic or video production project?

Contact us at booking@duanecramer.com.

Q. How do I book DC for a speaking engagement?

Contact us at booking@duanecramer.com.

Q. I would like DC to donate a piece of art for our organizational fundraiser. How can I secure his artwork at no cost?

TeamDC donates a significant amount of time, art and resources to people and causes that are in alignment with our mission and vision. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests we cannot meet them all. However, we encourage you to fill out the form (Book|Contact) for consideration now, and in the future. Your inquiry will be filed. Annually, we review select a number of organizations for charitable donations.

Q. What are Duane Cramer’s rates? Is there a published schedule or price list?

Pricing varies by event — if it is for profit, or a non-profit — and the level of involvement you require.

Kindly submit your request to info@duanecramer.com and include your budget, timeframe, total expected audience numbers in attendance, or topic(s) upon which you would like Duane to speak.  Include the conference or event theme, date, and location, and a team member will respond to you within 48 hours.


Art collectors’

Can I set up a meeting with Duane to review his works – and where?

The majority of his printed works are stored and archived at ‘DC Studio West’ located in San Francisco California.

However, meetings can be arranged after understanding/assessing a clients interest areas. Initial review or a selection of works may happen online or via Skype with a TeamDC representative.

Then an assessment meeting with Duane can be arranged at a location that is suitable worldwide.  Duane is able to personally provide the “stories” behind the images, people, locations and context for art collectors.

I don’t want to speak to a representative — where can I view Duane Cramer’s work and place an order for prints?

Contact LaDonna@duanecramer.com.



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